Terms and conditions.


1. This regulation lays down rules for sales by the service provider using the means of communication at a distance, as well as use by clients with online store, which is available at www.demel24.co.uk .

2. Product information listed in the store, and in particular their descriptions, technical specifications and production and prices, are calling for the conclusion of an agreement within the meaning of EU.

3. The service provider uses cookie files in order to collect information related to your use of the service by the customer, Store, in order to:

a) maintain a client session (after logging in), so that the client does not have to Store on each service page retype password,

b) adapting the site store to the needs of customers and

c) create statistics pages. the service.

4. Photos, presentations, and videos about the products are placed in the store for example and serve the presentation specifically indicated on these models.

5. Customer is solely responsible for actions performed by each other as part of an online store.

6. With a view to the conclusion of the contract of sale of the product at a distance through an online store, go to the website www.demel24.co.uk , and then choose the product available in the online store and place your order with an indication of the place of delivery of the product by taking technical steps based on the displayed Customer communications or information.

7. In order to carry out the order, the customer is obliged to provide all the necessary data to them. the first and last names, address (Street, house number, town and postcode), contact phone number or other data specified by the service provider through the website store.

8. To conclude an agreement with the payment comes consumer goods through the available forms of payment.

9. At receipt of the consignment with the ordered goods, the customer must check the shipment and where it is found:

 a) mechanical damage the contents of the consignment,

 b) the incompleteness of the consignment,

 c) non-compliance with the subject of the delivery content order. The customer is entitled to refuse to accept the consignment. In this case, the customer must immediately inform the provider of the situation in order to prepare a new delivery.

10. In the event of cancellation of a contract for the sale of the products contained in the distance, the contract is deemed null and void, and the consumer is released from any liability. This is what the parties showed is repaid in the unaltered state (unless the change was necessary within the limits of the ordinary administration). in the period running from the date of issue of the Consumer Goods could not:

a) mechanical damage (in particular: upholstery, bursting, flooding) or ,

b) the absence of any of these elements, which form an integral part thereof within the meaning of the technological or functional unless this occurred as a result of non-conformity of the goods with the contract with special terms of sale and the consumer to change EU law.

11. Reimbursement of reciprocal benefits should take place as soon as possible, and no later than within 14 (in words: fourteen) days.

12. Returned by the Consumer Goods shall be packaged in an appropriate manner, to ensure no damage during the transport, as far as possible, the Goods should be packed in the original packaging. Goods should be returned along with complete equipment and accessories and documents issued by selling it to the following address: demel24 1352 Greenford Road Flat 5 UB60HL London, United Kingdom.

13. The cost of packaging and Product references shall be borne by the consumer.

14. The service provider is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations in hardware, the final device, telecommunications infrastructure and ICT-based system used by the client and which make it impossible To correct use of the Webstore and offered through the services.

15. The client is solely responsible for ensuring consistency between technical used by yourself in order to use the hardware Store or the final device and ICT-based system or telecommunications shop.

16. The customer shall be liable for acts or omissions of another entity, which allows you to use the service, just as for the acts or omissions of its own.

17. The service provider shall not be liable for:

a) loss of data by the client due to hardware failure, system or any other circumstances of the request because of reasons on the side of the provider,

 b) the effects of the use of the online store or the PLA by the client in a manner contrary to applicable laws, regulations or rules of procedure adopted in this respect customs,

c) data transmission speed and the associated limitations, due to the circumstances. of a technical nature and technology and infrastructure,

 d) the content of any customer statements for which there was via the online store

e) for the content of advertisements placed in the shop by third parties.

18. The service provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Amendment of the rules of procedure shall apply from the moment clear indications and their placement on the website. In the case of Customers registered they will be bound by the provisions of the new Rules, provided that it does not terminate the contract of service electronically within 30 (in words: thirty) days from the date of notification of the changed terms and conditions.

19. The current Rules is published on the website of the store and delivered free of charge to the Customer (electronically) for each request.

20. The rules of procedure shall enter into force on January 1, 2014.


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